What factors lead to the price instability of power cord plu

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Power cord plug, namely power plug, is one of the most widely used products in our home life. There are different types of power cord plug, and we will generally plug the power cord.
What are the factors that affect the price of power cord plug? It's easy for people of the same trade to understand this problem, but for the floating price, our customers still don't understand it very well. So in order to relieve your doubts and make the cooperation between the two sides more stable, Dongguan Junjian and you will talk about the factors that affect the price of power cord plug.
The plug materials are mainly copper and PVC, but the price of copper is unstable. In the financial crisis, the lowest price of copper was 3W per ton. At that time, the plug insert was copper, so it was cheaper for factories to purchase plug inserts because the cost of raw materials was reduced. In order to meet the competition in the market, the price of our sales has naturally been lowered a lot. Let's analyze this year's copper price is 6.9w yuan per ton. The price difference of copper is so big that it leads to the instability of plug price. In addition, there are also many fluctuations before and after PVC. In this way, we can say that if we take half a year as an explanation, the price of a cycle fluctuates by 5% to 20%.
Price of power cord plug
Let's talk about the unstable price of power cord and rubber cord. In fact, just like this plug, the main material of power cord and rubber cord is copper. If it's power cord plug, whether it's plug or wire, the price will fluctuate with the copper price over a period of time.
Therefore, in a certain period of time, if the price of power cord plug fluctuates, please purchase manufacturers to understand the industry, mutual cooperation can be harmonious, long-term, stable!